Lack Of Support For Bch Deposits Will Limit Price

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from anywhere in the world. US customers can use ACH for instant deposits.

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27 feb 2019.

Liquidation price – Dit is de prijs waarop je trade automatisch wordt gesloten.

Zodra een stop loss trigger is bereikt, gaat jouw order in het orderboek voor de limit.

Deposits zijn snel, ik herinner mij dat mijn BTC er binnen 10 minuten op.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tot 20x leverage; EOS (EOS) tot 20x leverage.

16 Apr 2020.

Bitcoin Cash is trading in the red on Thursday after the channel support I discussed on Wednesday gave in to the selling pressure.

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All customers have instant access to deposits and immediate access to funds.

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If you want to enter a limit order, you'll have to override the market order.

to narrow down your support issue, you can enter your own phone number for a callback.