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Hal Finney, Alcor member A-1436 who chose the whole-body option, was.

10 bitcoins from Bitcoin's possibly pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

29 Jan 2016.

Harold Thomas Finney II (May 4, 1956 – August 28, 2014) was a developer for PGP Corporation and recipient of the first bitcoin transaction.

Is Hal Finney Satoshi Nakamoto???8 Mar 2019.

Hal Finney was a computer scientist who graduated from Caltech in 1979. As a student, he received the “most brains” award from his peers.

Many are wondering who Satoshi Nakamoto really is, but many analysts and industry experts say it’s best not to know at all.

Bitcoin has seen growing interest over the past several years. The definitive identity of bitcoin’s anonymous creator,

In committing our memories to blockchain’s immutable ledgers, will we unwittingly force ourselves to live in a new normal.

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Bitcoin is a unique asset that will be held by investors for its store of value. Bitcoin’s uniqueness cannot be duplicated,

Bitcoin Exchanges Are Favorite Targets Of Global Ddos Attacks 27/08/2015  · The most notable observation is that Verisign’s customer base experienced increased activity from the DDoS for Bitcoin (DD4BC) attacker group in the form of ransom threats, some of which culminated into actual DDoS attacks. While most DDoS attacks range between one to five Gbps, Verisign mitigated DDoS attacks by this group peaking at 25