Been Syncing For A Week Now

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Been syncing for 1 week now.

and still has 29 weeks left to go, at the blazing clip of 1 week sync per DAY. At this rate It will be Christmas before its done (literally.

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Fix for OneDrive Sync IssuesIts a great app and is about as near as you can get to syncing iOS and Android calendars,

Then app was updated and now you can hide the week numbers.

It seems to sync random appointments from my calendar.

Thank you for letting us know it's working on your end now.

I'm having the same trouble – been syncing selected google calendars for a few weeks (pull not push) and its very.

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Now, we just have to click 'REMOVE ACCESS', and our account will be disconnected from our Google Calendar! image_18.png. Sync with Outlook.

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17 Feb 2020.

Force Syncing of old events. To force your iOS device to sync older events after you changed the period: Backup your colors in Week Calendar if.

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