2016 Big Year For Ransomware 70% Pays In This $1

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Ransomware was one of the leading cyber-security threats in 2016 with the FBI estimating.

IBM estimates that the total paid out by victims in 2016 is likely to be close to $1bn.

In Europe, ransomware attacks have doubled in the past year.

The UK's biggest NHS trust, Barts Health, had to shut down parts of its network in .

How to Survive a Ransomware Attack29 Dec 2016.

The core issue with ransomware today is the lack of strong security practices that would prevent hackers from getting into computer systems.

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5 Jan 2017.

Ransomware took in $1 billion in 2016–improved defenses may not be enough to stem the tide.

ransomware cybercriminals took in about $1 billion last year.

better antivirus technology, more industry-wide information sharing.

the Locky ransomware, and a fourth one that processed close to $70 million.

Amazon and Goldman Sachs’ Marcus unit announced a partnership to provide lines of credit (up to $1 million) to merchants.

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